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and support. and what we have discovered is that people that use a, what they get out of that is what we call the network of fact. we have jill in the center of the network and you can see on the upper side where you have a health care provider to put information into her fault about her health care. if you have heard daughter using the mobile application to update people on the go. you have the neighbor that tax the schedule to see when he is going shopping -- this is an illustration of a network of fact or network model of the good life. the neighbor says, always check on line to see what joe needs. the physician's assistant says it is easy to share the test results. the personal care worker says i've posted on the loose handrail and they handled it right away. her sister says, i am part of a team now, what a relief. out of this idea of the network of fact, one is that this is what joe wants. this is her key to a good life. her network is actually her gateway to a good life and her ability to stay home. and we will launch a touch screen interface for those that want to connect through video
and residents facilities to encourage older adults to get more involved with physical activity using technology. we're going to spend the first 30 minutes or so demonstrating the wii. not only will we demonstrate how to use it, but we will doe demonstrate adaptive devices so that it can be an inclusive activity for all adults and children. my name is dr. chris thompson from the university of san francisco. go, dons. 1855. i have not been there that long. i am in the department of exercise and sports science. i think it is a good match for me to be demonstrating the wii, which is a good physical activity. i am joined on the stage by a student, not from usf, but from san francisco state. we actually talk to each other. this is mackenna. >> good morning. >> finally, i am joined by alicia from the independent living center in san francisco. it is great for all of you to be here today. people will be trickling in over the next half hour. we will give you a taste of what wii is like. we have set up the game. i will start by playing mackeena in a game of tennis. the interesting thing about wii is we u
on their recommendations, their findings, and uses they recommend. in the plan we recommended it were top priority buildings, we wanted them kept and saved. now we are coming forward with what the private sector sees as vital uses, how we can move forward. this will also initiate a process of public comment. are these the right uses, activities? a way to remind in this part of pier 70. the third initiative is the crane cove park initiative. you had an update on that in the june meeting. we will be learning more. we hope in 2014 to be running a new park. we will have this building up and running and will be well on our way to bring up the rest of the site. so with that, i want to introduce eddie orton and his team. >> good afternoon. thanks for having us. first, i would like to thank the courport staff members for r dispatch and vigorous this in pursuing this deal. a brief reminder, we are in development. -- orton development. we have to take one second to find a slide show. >> well you are looking for it, does that match and that that we are given? >> yes. that slide that just won by is really our
that joe's human. he's not the godly saint that some of us made him out to be, including myself. >> reporter: tonight a family spokesman issued a statement saying, joe paterno wasn't perfect. he made mistakes and he regretted them. meanwhile, lawyers for curley and schultz criticized the freeh report, calling it a lopsided document based on an incomplete report. brian? >> mike isikoff, state college, pa, tonight. thanks. >>> bob costas of nbc sports is already at our olympic headquarters in london preparing to host the olympic coverage on nbc. bob, the big question, i guess, is, what does this do to penn state, the program, the school, the brand, the aura of the nittany lions? >> well, the aura, the reputation, that's already been badly tarnished. i think even the most staunch loyalists realize something that can't be rationalized away occurred here. and then outside penn state, the reputation of the university has taken a very, very serious hit. the ncaa has a term that it sometimes uses when punishing schools for violations in their athletic departments, lack of institutional
to nature, you can use some of that money to get people and other parts of the city into golden gate park to appreciate nature for example. i urge you to look at the value of our social and human capital because sometimes it is worth more than the fish or money. >> thank you for letting me speak. i am sad because we are changing a beautiful park that i have loved for almost 50 years have i have been here. i asked you to look into your heart to and see what you're doing. i reminded of the bumper sticker that said the, what would jesus do? i would ask you what john mclaren would do. >> next speaker. >> thank you for this opportunity. i am a home owner on great highway and i have been sending e-mail's to you folks. i have never been involved in city politics and i have no idea how these decisions get made. i thought, surely, they will not allow this to happen. and it keeps on rolling and rolling. i don't know what anybody in this room can do to change the way it is moving or except in alternative, but i am a surfer, i have a financial planner. i think golden gate park is absolutely unique. t
and talk about seniors and technology, a lot of people would have wondered why seniors would want to use computers, but that has shifted. over the next few years, as all of us move toward being seniors, we will not be wanting technology. we will be demanding it. the field is going to change, and more and more people are going to be here. so the ability to make technology accessible is there. those of us charged with doing this have a really important role. we have to be able to provide the tools for the technology in ways that the people can hear. i am happy to be your speaking with you because i think this is an incredibly important topic. this afternoon, there is a workshop on addressing multiple barriers for accessing technology, and it will be a brainstorming session where someone from my office and a couple of other people will be leading a discussion of what issues people run into and how you deal with them. i think it is a really important topic and i think it is probably one of the most important things people could be talking about now. for all of us, technology is here and goin
the u.s. leaves. >> i think the execution of women particularly without due process even with due process it is a crime against humanity and the international community should act accordingly. >> president karzai has strong words but he needs to match the words with action. unless change comes from within afghanistan then we will continue to see more of this. >> is it possible, though? you know, change? i mean, one really hopeful development i saw recently is that the taliban lives and breathes by poppy breeding of poppy plants and turning them into heroin. and there's more they are switching to grow offing of spices which is more lucrative for the farmers. is there any other way to cut the funds to the taliban so that these creeps crawl back into the holes where they belong and die? >> i think the international community can and should put pressure on afghanistan to the extent that we can. but ultimately, there is cause for hope because after this event, over 100 men and women took to the streets of kabul, afghan men and women saying not in our country we demand justice and right
>>> on the broadcast tonight, on the record mitt romney sits down with us one-on-one trying to set things straight after an ugly war of words over his business career. chemical weapons on the move in syria. where are they headed and why? u.s. officials are concerned as the violence there explodes. two weeks out and a lot of opening jitters in london. a massive show of force before the games begin. and here at home, growing controversy over those american olympic uniforms made in china. tonight the folks at ralph lauren are announcing a change. and making a difference for children in some of the toughest places on earth. a one woman dynamo still going strong at 90. a one woman dynamo still going strong at 90. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. mitt romney planned all along to run for president based on his private sector business experience. at the same time the obama campaign has had months to prepare an attack on mitt romney based on just that his private sector business experience. just today this issue and romney's past in
. it was a very important step for us. i want to mention arc-tech's contribution. they can do a better job of mobile distribution. by the way, there are many people. i would like to recognize the whole team involved. the project director was leo solomon. he is here today, and he is going to work with the inspector who is responsible for training more than 1,300 officers on the system. [applause] >> thank you. what we are going to show you this morning is a couple of screen shots of the crime data warehouse system which will allow you to see exactly what the officer is going to see either on the street or at their computers they are working on now. so here what you have is the search field which, as you can see here, we can search for anything. description, nicknames, tattoos, partial license plates, hair color and et cetera. this search tab basically functions just like a google type search that you would do at your home computer. when you put in the key word, it searches the entire internet. this searches exactly the same thing, but only our police database which has information to 1981.
, this is a terrific opportunity, i think to have a conversation that all of us are looking forward to having, which is what are we supposed to make of this? let's not throw numbers at everybody. the focus of the discussion, steve has given us strict marching orders but take as a given the new aim of relative north american oil and gas abundance is upon us, and it's start to unpack the geo political implications of that. and obviously it's speculation but that's great. that's a washington sport we all excel at, so it makes for a pretty good conversation. it's such an all-star cast i'm not going to fill it up with long introduction but we have michael levi. adam sieminski issue the administrator of the energy information administration. ed morris, the globe head of commodities research at citigroup. ed chow, a senior -- >> it's an honor. >> robin west, the chairman and ceo of pfc energy. ed chow, who is a senior fellow at the center for strategic and international studies, and john hoffmeister, the founder and ceo of citizens for affordable energy and was the president of shell oil company. i can't t
and they can cover some of the budget, i cannot imagine not taking advantage of that. and using that to work better with their budgets. this is not the way to serve kids. i am not supportive but i also want to point out this is beyond the slippery slope. i think it is vertical, down. it is down. you know, i do not understand how the author could come with something that they now in the future -- i am struggling how you came forward with these changes. also they are not evident in the resolution. parliamentarian is still searching. those are the few things that i am really struggling with. this will be difficult to make a choice around and we are putting that burden around them. it should be on us. we have talked about how we would do with this. not well. i feel like you are betting a few of us will not be here in a few years and no telling what this will look like them. i guess i will be over there. it is problematic and you know it. i would like you to address it. the points i cannot find in the resolution, that would be helpful. where i can find these bullet points, i do not see them in he
on this friday. it's friday the 13th. hope you are not too superstition. good morning. >> thanks for joining us. lauren cook has a check on traffic and lynette with weather. it was so nice out yesterday. >> it was. it was amazing out there. did you enjoy? >> absolutely. >> it's my -- it's my convertible top down. >> that's the way to do it. she knows how to rock. let's show you what's going on. maryland's most powerful radar is dry across here but we can see back off towards the west around wind chest erin further into west virginia and virginia we are starting to deal with a few showers across this area. been here all morning and heaviest rain to the north of beckly right now and all this is sliding off toward the north and east. some of it could get in here going through the rest of the morning and afternoon. i will keep my eye on that. take the rain gear with you in case to be prepared but we have lots of clouds out there as well. with the clouds temperatures have been kept up this morning. bowie at 68. chestertown more of the same denton at 68 dedegrees. let's check of the abc2 timesaver tr
asian-americans on federal benches. those of us to understand the impact of the supreme court and what it can do or on june, we know that having asian-americans on the federal bench is a line up for appointments to the supreme court. thank you very much for this opportunity. i want to say that silicon valley is the birthplace of high-tech. silicon valley is the birthplace of norm. five minutes? thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, congressmen. we would have extended the five minutes if we got a karaoke's song. >> this event would have not been possible by the financial contributions of our sponsors. we want to thank chevron corp., wells fargo, mcdonald's, academy of arts university, at&t, southwest airlines. if you have not entered their raffled yet, do so later tonight. comcast, walmart, verizon, moon star restaurant. >> we go from the greatest karaoke's singer in the house of congress to the self-proclaimed worst karaoke singing in public office. i would like to introduce california state controller, serving his second term. he takes a hard-line and took immediate action to
numbers from tata consultancy services. the ceo will tell us how his company is managing under tough economic conditions. >>> we'll get goldman sachs' view on how the olympics will boost the uk economy. >>> and we'll speak to the ceo of monix to find out how much the percentage of u.s. investors investing in asia has declined. the answer to that question and more in just under an hour. >>> and we'll speak to a banking analyst in new york to preview, of course, those jpmorgan numbers. he says the stock is a buy at this level and expects today's report to provide closure and stability for the bank. >>> well, the world's second largest economy has grown at its slowest pace in three years. china's second quarter gdp rose 7.6% hurt by weak real estate investments and falling demand at home and abroad. retail sales and factory output growth also slowed in june. markets, though, rose on the back of the data as investors were relieved the figure wasn't worse than expected. joining us now is our guest host for the hour, jeff lewis, global market strategist at j pchpmorg asset management and a
? if it's a frozen type. we use a penetrable type >> with escape artists, you regularly check them? >> it's all us calling them each year requesting if they would like us to do maintenance service for their drop ladder. each year it's quite simple and easy procedure to do. and we appreciate that people take pride and understand their fire escapes and drop ladders are a part of their building's safety system. just like the sprinkler systems. they are usually located along a fire escape ladder way, platform system. the fire department does use them to approach emergency situations in buildings. >> this is interesting on who's checking them. in san francisco for residential units and motels and hotels, the housing inspection division is required to check every 5 years to do an inspection of the buildings. and the procedures have changed to require they operate the fire escape when they do that inspection. have you gone to those where they require to operate the fire escape? >> absolutely. we got the call from a property owner saying they have been sited or requested by a housing inspector. w
there's light, there's electricity, and there's a fan even. u.s. authorities have found 156 cross border tunnels since the early 1990s. lately they have become more sophisticated as technology above ground improves. >> the fbi has had this tunnel under surveillance since january. the way they discovered it is they picked up a truck that had 39 million dlrsz of amphetamine, they drinked it to this tunnel and they now have the suspects in custody. >>> big developing story out of washington, this concerns an alleged effort to export to iran certain items related to uranium enrichment. >> reporter: this is just kind of coming in to us right now and it's really fascinating when you look at how these networks that take nuclear material from the u.s. and then provide it overseas. two men have been indicted. a citizen of iran and a resident of china are being accused to try to obtain and illegally export these u.s. materials toer rang. and they're used to construct, operate and maintain gas center fudges. there was a statement that was released by lisa monaco. she's the assistant attorney
am very lucky to be part of the u.s. conference of mayors, and they allow me to represent san francisco as the innovative center for all the rest of the cities across the country. so we get to compare information and there. what these days i will get to talk to you while i am in washington, d.c., and you can hear what i am saying across there, so we can enjoy it -- wherever i go, you know i will be working and not fooling around. finally, we also are using technology to join our private companies in hiring san franciscans. hopefully some of your kids, some of your grandkids as well, are going to enjoy some of these great jobs in san francisco, because the companies that are here, many of them have agreed to use the virtual hiring practice called hiresf.org and share the technology to hire online send franciscans. we're doing the right here in our great city. i have a chief innovation officer, jane, who is working in my office. he keeps a good connection for both me and them members of the board of supervisors to share in what are the technologies and what they're doing in san
the specific tactics we have been using to educate business owners about the new policy, first we mailed an official notice in three languages to approximately 10,000 san francisco businesses. we led businesses know -- let businesses know about five outreach events. we also mailed a small placard they can use as an example of how to reach materials -- example of outreach materials of the point of sale so they can be very clear as to when the ordinance is engaged. the mailing was targeted to the retail businesses but would be impacted, october 1. iwe plan the second mailing fora year from now when that impacts restaurants. in addition, we are hosting 5 vendor events. the idea is to bring business owners together with the vendors selling products that meet the definition of the reusable bag, what is available to them, other than a single use plastic bindeag, to really use that opportunity to get merchants to look at what is susceptible -- what is acceptable and to educate them when they are making buying decisions so they are educated and are asking important questions so the bags they are
] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. john breaux didn't think closer to homes and new talent for firefighters tonight. >>> california band's broad runoff france wants revenge of one top official once all of france to avoid. clearly is an erotic novel it does a nerve women former secret clubs and even change their shopping habits all because of a book. the him to invest it. breaking news out of the sierra foothills where a forest fire is still growing tonight. hot temperatures contribute to the fire spread it is now up to 800 a. in only 10 percent contained. more evacuations are underway in and authorities say this fire jumped the american river it could put the town of colfax in jeopardy and the fires burning in placer county which is east of auburn cbs five reporter maria medina show
combination thereof. to change your life for the better, to be better than you are today. use this resource. work to improve yourself because you will have a happier life in the end. will see it on one of my morning walks or bike rides. thank you very much. >> my goodness, what a rich a day. we can all have hope and not be fearful about anything. we take that attitude that we can reverse things. haute not going to tell them what my next birthday is going to be. she was born in 1932. one woman looked up at me and says, dear? she found out it was ok. we can all have the ability to do whatever we want to do. when she is not wrapping -- rapping, she is the co-director on the center for elder abuse and neglect, the university of california, irvine. a program called the institute of aging to 2007, i am proud to serve on that board. from catholic university in washington, who is started with the first song. there is no excuse for elder abuse. >> i am very happy to be here to talk to you all a little bit about elder abuse. there is about 5 million people. ♪ a little louder. you want me to rap?
alternative for relations. some are completely non-toxic like the court to base their using in san carlos and piedmont- -- the cork in san carlos and piedmont or the carpet pad in new york. the eir failed to consider alternatives. the city of piedmont's eir concluded that sbr astroturf creates a significant and unavoidable health risk so they analyze the alternatives. piedmont is installing cork, cork is a great underlayment, and has been installed in hundreds of fields around the world. los angeles and new york have abandoned sbr chrome rubber and are using other alternatives. there is no set -- no reason san francisco should fall behind these other cities. how many of you buy organic produce? the cancer risk you get from eating produce that is not organic is less than one in 1 million. we pay twice as much for the organic stuff because we do not want our kids to eat the pesticides. we think that is worthwhile. this risk is about somewhere between 8 and 19 times higher than that. whether that is significant or not i do not know. it seems like we ought to try to avoid it. the principle of
believe that is a cloak. that is a delay tactic. let us talk about the merits. but why now? let us be real. we know what will happen if this gets past november. the people in this room will think about running for mayor themselves. they would get skittish. other people are going to start influencing people who are not running for mayor. then, all bets are off. this is the perfect time to vote, when the politics of the next campaign are not influencing the decision. or maybe i am wrong. maybe the politics are already involved in canada's are already thinking of running for mayor. but let us talk about the issues. let us not use a delay. that is the cloak over the real argument. supervisor wiener: thank you, colleagues. are there any other comments? seeing none, we have a motion on the floor to continue. i think there may be motions to amend as well. i would like to get all the motions on the floor. then, we will have public comment on the motions. for members of the public, everyone is welcome to comment. if these amendments are adopted, it will require a continuance. so there will be an op
is streetly out of touch with u.s. economic reality. believes the private sector is fine and the economy is headed in the right direction. the 23 million americans out of work could hardly disagree more. >>> if you have a yahoo account listen up. your e-mail may have been hijacked. joining us more is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. >> 450,000 yahoo users have been hacked. it was hacked on wednesday. yahoo feeling the heat for failing to take even basic precautions to protect user pass words. there's a good news hackers weren't as successful they might have hoped or thought. only 5 percent of the pass words were actually valid. >> reassuring but not for the 5 percent. >> the latest numbers and diamond talks to investors and analysts for two hours about it. how big is the $2 billion loss. they expect to put it at $5 billion also they want to know what has been done to protect it from happening again. and if there are any stocks or bonus clauses because of it. >> this is an senatoring story. they are trying to measure admissions. they might be hiring people to measure cow em
members, including russia, to join us in a serious resolution that gives special envoy kofi annan what he needs. >> more than 100 people were killed on thursday when a gasoline tanker crashed and exploded in nigeria's niger delta. many of the victims lost their lives as they try to scoop up the tanker's oil as a leak on the ground. an exhaustive independent probe has concluded top officials at penn state university -- including legendary football coach joe paterno -- covered up sexual molestation allegations against an assistant coach 14 years before they finally came to light. the seven-month investigation reveals paterno, school president graham spanier, and other school officials were aware former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was accused of child molestation as early as 1998, or were only concerned with protecting the school's image. the report concludes that a "culture of reverence for the football program" at the school led to a cover-up that "failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade." sandusky was finally arrested las
. >> romney continues his counter-attack in a new ad out this morning which he uses obama's own words in the 2008 convention in denver against him. >> if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you're paying your opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. >> now, when it comes to his own record, the president conceded he hasn't communicated his economic policies well enough but stopped short of saying he's made mistakes on substance. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that's important. but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> now, romney pounced on this line saying being a good communicator is not enough, saying, quote, being president is not about telling stories. being president is about leading. so who is to blame for the sluggish economy? former presiden
will give us a jewel. landmark of a place. >> i am sure it will have refining effect like embark did. and there were people about that and no one would think of that today. and when you look at growth and transformation of the embark, the same with doyle. it will be a cherished part of the city and a worthy addition to what is there. >> it will be a safe and beautiful entrance to a spectacular beautiful city. it will be the entry to golden gate that san francisco deserves. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> we shall call a meeting to order. >> roll call? [calls roll] >> item number two, approval of the minutes of the previous meeting. >> seconded. >> all in >> i think that we aro reconvene. >> any motion? anything? nothing? >> item #6. please be advised that the bringing in using of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound producing devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chairman order from the removal -- the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of any cellphone or similar sound producing electronic device. pleas
. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their -- work hard to know your business, offering specialized business and capital. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. thats why were supplying cleaner-burning natural gas to generate electricity. and its also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> lets broaden the worlds energy mix. lets go. >> and now, bbc world news. >> 200 feared demead syria in what could be one of the bloodiest episodes. a massacre in hamah province. again the government says it's rebels. >> when -- stands ready to go in and seek verification of facts. if and when there is a credible cease-fire. >> hello and welcome to gmt with me. also coming up in this program, at least 19 killed in south africa after a train hit a truck carrying farm workers at a rail way crossing. we have the latest. and here in the u.k., unauthorized aircraft could be subject t
continues, and so did the killings. >> and middle east analyst and author joins us now in the studio to talk more about this. russians have warned that the conflict is becoming more sectarian. are we going to see an all-out civil war in syria? >> that is unfortunately indeed the past we see evolving. what started out as civil unrest against regime in justice and as a quest for change has now really become a full-fledged civil war -- what started out as civil unrest against regime injustice. this makes it so complicated to really solve the issue. there is the government that still assumes it can crush this rebellion, and there is an opposition that is getting stronger and stronger, militia- type of opposition, that also believes it can crush the regime militarily, but in both cases, it will not work. >> the west has been a constantly trying to ratchet up pressure, but china and russia are opposed to that. is there anything that can be done to get china to agree to increase the pressure? >> both china and russia worry that too many regimes in the region fall and become pro- western. syria and
five reporter maria medina shows us just how fast that fire is moving. in less than 24 hours the robbers fired nearly quadrupled in size even as firefighters added troops on the ground today shifting from their aerial attack. >>> is out of control this is the area where firefighters are trying to keep them from job in this wrote a one firefighter told cbs 13 that the winds a high temperatures as well as low humidity were just too much. >>> we were able to keep it temperatures. in iran right outside the hillside the well firebird 40 more acres as a headed southeast and jump the road closer to force tell. so the immediate dangers for firefighters on the ground mostly because of falling debris. >>> with a fire activity is in confidence it's it's hard for us to make it by. it's unpredictable. to say how quickly the fire blew out of control flames and forced firefighters out of their own staging area today did call the drop would mind. firefighters are ready to battle the blaze was the triple digits drops people in colfax to live through the congress of fire say they're confide
the u.s. and then slip them into iran and obviously with iran's nuclear programs right now, you can see the concerns with that. one other thing that came out in this, some of the details against these men in particular, the indictment, i'm going to read to it you one more time because it's so fascinatinfascie of these men sought to obtain radioactive materials to the u.s. by going to an undercover agent and asking him to purchase these test materials for a u.s. company. and the intent was to get them into iran. it's fascinating to see how these companies are it up around the world, for really the mere movement of materials like this. >> keep us posted on more developments, suzanne kelly, in washington. >>> they admit to failing their school, but they're not resigning over it. the penn state board of trustees are meeting right now after a scathing report on the jerry san dews kay scandal. >> the board as the group that has paramount accountability for overseeing and ensuring the proper functioning and governance of the university accepts full responsibility for each of the failures that
gergen is with us from cambridge, massachusetts. david, i don't believe it. i don't know. what do you think? if romney picked condoleezza rice would that not be a game changer? >> it sure would create a lot of buzz just as even the rumor has overnight. coming from matt drudge. you know, it's conventional wisdom within the political community that matt drudge has a direct line to one of mitt romney's top people matt rhodes who is very close in and drudge and rhodes are good friends. so all along drudge has had a pretty good take on it. when he came out and said conned -- condoleezza rice is at the top of the list everybody said wow. i thought this was off the table. look, i think it's more of a trial balloon than anything else. i'm in that camp. the romney people wanted to change the story and get away from bain and get on to other things. it's also true that they could stir things up and sort of put things up in the air and say, conservatives, are you willing to go with this or not? a lot of conservatives think condi rice is too close to george bush sr. and not enough of a foreign pol
two but only one was used. >> (speaking spanish). >> this is one that was used north of the capital. >> (speaking spanish). >> in the cities of the country >> (speaking spanish). >> when he was a child he was able to see those instruments and on extension today. (drums). (applause) . >> this is a donkey's jaw. it could be a horse or a donkey. >> donkey's jaw. >> and it's played by spiking it and to make the rattle sound and also creates this. (applause). >> (speaking spanish) sorry. (speaking spanish). >> this is the kahita and it is created as the -- i don't know that word. how do you say that? the piggy bank. you know where the boxes and the churches collect money? yeah. this is the original he here. yeah. >> (speaking spanish) (laughing) (speaking spanish). >> this instrument is called c carete and with the right hand and the left hand and open and shuts in a rhythmic time. >> (speaking spanish). >> so this instrument is called sen sero but it's actually a cow bell. >> (moo). >> it was made out of material. >> (speaking spanish). >> but for the african and any instrument t
're considering leaving on a trip and we will get other neighborhoods to move to in the u.s. because san francisco is not a good place and this is one of the aspects. sometimes you need to see the face of the people that are making a decision and their boarding passes. i have the boarding pass in my hand. hope to make it -- hope you make a good decision. president chiu: thank you. next speakers, please. come on up. >> hello, i am jake and when i started on the first game of my season, a bunch of sprinklers came out on the soccer field and delayed their games so it could not play for long time and i tripped over one of them and hurt myself. i like turf better because it is safer. it is not as bumpy as grass. so. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. if you want to pull the microphone down so we can hear you. >> my name is ben and when i got a pass from my teammate take over there and i had a scoring opportunity, the ball was not in the right position and i had an open shot. i tripped on a lump in the grass which made me fall, hurt myself, and make me not kick the ball at all. i think turf is bet
romney started in bain in 1977. 25 years later, well, that takes us to 2002. according to mitt romney and his camp, the candidate didn't make any decisions for bain after 1999. he only benefitted financially from them. well, his campaign spokeswoman, ann degree yaw sall released this statement today. governor romney left bain capital in february of 1999 to run the olympics and had no input on investments or management of the companies after that point. another campaign aide told politico romney wasn't involved in any investment decisions. he was on the sec filings because he was still technically the owner, but just hadn't transferred owner ship to the other partners. well, history paints a very different picture. david corn of mother jones uncovered a february 1999 "boston herald" report about romney leaving for olympics. romney said he will stay on as part-timer with bain, providing input on investment and key personnel decisions. well, in july of 1999, romney was identified as the boss in a bain press release about the departure of two executives. bain capital ceow. -- willard, tha
is receiving some much needed funds. alex savage joins us life to tell us what -- live to tell us what it will be used for. >> reporter: not long from now those new recruits will be going through the fire academy here and they will go through that for several months and be out in the field. they are being brought on thanks to $8.6 million that will help provide better service to the people of san jose. >> it is important to the people of san jose to improve the service. we are nowhere near where we should be compared to where we were ten years ago but every little bit helps. >> the fire chief and local lawmakers helped to secure this money. the official announcement came down just an hour ago positions refer to as a brownout policy but these will reduce staffing levels and reduce closures. >> it has an impact on our response time and capacity so it is a significant impact and we will be able to with this grant eliminate at least one of those right away. you will feel ross fire station will be staffed on a daily basis as soon as we get the new firefighters out. >> we had six new graduat
will be back. >> all right. our next scene is going to move us from story telling that took place during the hindu temples and india into the mogel time in india this come from hindu and western cultures brought together. when the mogels came from persia to north india they saw the story telling and thought it was a beautiful art form. they were not engaged with the story but saw the beauty in the footwork and hand movement. they brought the dancers into their courts. they were a form of entertainment. so, i want you to put your imagination caps on. we will go from the forest into a beautiful mogel palace. there are velvet carpets and peacocks walking around. there are beautiful paintings and everyone all of you, the audience have come to enjoy the court and the king sits on his thrown in the corner twirling his mustache and he called for his dancers and they come to the room. you are here to be entertained by them. this is called taught. taught is a highly stylized tuning of the mind and body together. you will see very fast turns ending in sharp stances and things with our eyes and eye
culture that you would want us to take away reading this book? we are fixated on figuring out who the samurai is we have ideas and we are trying to deconstruct the attributes of a samurai. in your opinion what would be useful for us to think about or focus on as we finish the book. we are a third of the way through it. >> one of those kind of questions [laughter]. i will tell you about an e mail i got this entire high school on the east coast is reading the samurai's garden. i started to get 30 e mails. they discovered through the website an e mail which would come directly tow me. i started to figure it out when all the questions were the same. they -- it was the questions which they had to write their essay on. one young woman wrote me and said, i don't know if i have time to read the book can you tell me who the samurai is and where the garredin is? [laughter]. i thought these kids are going to be okay. you know this is our generation coming up. i wrote her and said, you know, read the book. i think for me, because i think every book is a learning process for me. in terms of m
during our talk today using his most turn language yet that he says mitt romney needs to come clean. >> harry truman said, the buck stops with you. my understanding is that mr. romney attested to the ftc multiple times he was the chairman ceo and president of bank capital. i think most americans figure if you are the chairman, ceo and president of a company then you are responsible for what the company does. ultimately, mr. romney is going to have to answer those questions because if he aspires to being president, one of the things you learn is by you are ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations. that is probably a question he will have to answer. i think that is a legitimate part of the campaign. >> in the think he should answer that soon? >> absolutely. >> the president goes a comments to us during that interview getting a quick and decisive reaction from the mayor romney camp. mitt romney says it is chicago politics at its worst. he said -- so this war of words only intensifying. it will not go away anytime soon as we continue to look at the topic of mitt romney
"the new york times" about today's penn state disgrace. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. it seems like only yesterday when mitt romney was on fox news talking about the political philosophy of responding to attacks. >> i, of course, respond to the attacks. but they say in politics if you're responding you're losing. >> romney and his campaign had a lot of responding too today. "the boston globe" expanded on the recording, only to find out that mitt romney was the top dog at bain capital three years after he said he left. according to the report, a massachusetts financial disclosure form romney filed in 2003 clearly stated he owned 100% of bain capital in 2002. and his state financial disclosures indicate he earned $200,000 as a bain executive in 2001 and 2002. the report also drops this bombshell, a romney campaign official who requested anonymity to discuss the sec filings acknowledged that they do not square with common sense. until now, romney laz protected himself politically from any bain business practices after he left the company. romney always says
an almost round 40 a. for us, it is a the best way to connect because they live very far away and we do not get to see the mother rise. it is an important way for all of us to be able to connect with our families and with our communities. for americans living with disabilities, many of whom are also aging americans, broadband and commuters -- computers can provide even more critical tools for health and wellness. they allow someone with a speech impairment to e-mail her doctor, a person who is mobility limited to its in glasses -- classes online, and for someone else to work at home. 29% of people with disabilities would join the work force if telecommuting were actually a viable option for them. before working at home, however, broadband is now a necessity for anyone searching for a job. many job openings are only posted online. about 80% of fortune 500 companies only accept job applications online. and about 60% of working americans use the internet as an integral part of their jobs every single day. if you do not have broadband, you are increasingly cut off from these opportunities.
was very important. successful, as well. >> thank you. thank you very much for letting us know these things. >> as all of you know, i have worked in lots and lots, seven different school districts. the best team i have ever seen in central office are the folks here. they are fabulous. everybody does a great job. i have to congratulate nancy. nancy is moving on. she is moving to washington, d.c. on behalf of all of us, you are an essential part of our team. you did a great job for us. the entire community is better off for all of your hard work. thank you. >> now i am glad i stayed. thank you. >> i did not want to interrupt you. i had one of the question period is the value of the contract the same amount? >> the charges per month are the same period last week we only engaged them for nine months. the total value increases. the charge per month is this plan. >> thank you for the many years of service. >> is there a motion? >> it was already moved and seconded. >> yes. >> yes. >> aye. >> yes. >> aye. >> aye. >> six ayes. >> item q, superintendent proposal. first reading, none. going to item s
in billing when customers use less electricity because of energy conservation. this is the official maryland public service commission order that put the charge into law in january. and take a lock at this wording. right there on the original intent of this payback, it was to encourage utilities for energy efficiency. montgomery county officials were some of very few who spoke against utilities using the order supporting energy conservation, to reimburse utilities when no energy is going through your meter. >> it adds insult to injury. to say to a customer, you lost power for six or seven days. you thrown out all the food in your refrigerator and being told you'll pay extra because pepco lost money because they weren't delivering any electricity. >> montgomery county argued the bill stabilization adjustment eliminated the incentive for them to restore lost service. the order did limit the reimbursement to cover only the first 24 hours. prior to that, it was open ended. allowing pepco to get nearly $1.4 million for july 2010 blackout. delmarva, more than 35,000. and bge, more than $81,000.
about the toughest issues facing them. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background. >> my parents immigrated to the united states in the 1960's. i was the first kid born in the u.s. my parents sacrificed everything so that their kids could have the opportunities that they wanted when they came here. i grew up in the boston area and lived in different parts of boston. i went to catholic price school in dorchester, a section of boston. -- i went to catholic high school in dorchester, a section of boston. because of my parents, my brothers and i were all blessed to go to harvard university. that is where i went to school. it was intense. i stayed there for law school and have a master's in public policy from there. those are subjects i decided to study because i was interested in public service and public policy issues and government. >> you grew up in the boston area. what made you want to make the transition and moved to san francisco? what motivated you to get involved in politics question marks before i ran for office, and worked in san francisco as a criminal pros
committee referenced other committees on the watch list. can you provide us with the list of those companies who are on the watch list? i don't expect you to have it at your immediate disposal, but will you provide that to the committee? [inaudible] >> the reason i want you to be responsive in the reason my support and is the whole purpose of this hearing is no more solyndras act. vb should be no more low subordination. are we at risk you have to look at loan subordination of a last-ditch effort to save dollars as you describe. i want to help you here. you keep talking about hindsight is perfect. i want to sharpen your force icu can anticipate the next low subordination activity and either have it not happen or if it does happen, make sure we follow the letter of the law or if we don't people understand there's penalties for not following the letter of the law down. on the issue of hindsight or foresight or whatever state we on great know, i heard several people talk about the factor was the a that finback solyndra. to recall that as part of the discussion? >> factually it is part of the dis
, in just a few minutes, all of the dialogue behind us, champagne bottles, very important people who are up here, i suppose you might say gives birth in life to the incredible thing triangle which is on the side of this particular hill that has been put here by some incredible volunteers. before that, we have got to hear from a couple of people. we're going to start with the boss of our city, the man who runs the city day in and day out. it is my hope he will run the city for as long as he wishes. mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, mayor brown, leader nancy pelosi. quickly, if i could invoke nancy pelosi's story? honros granted? [laughter] i will make it quick. i am not really a big speechmaker. but i do want to say something from the heart as i was listening to all of the previous remarks and how important it is to teach and use these moments to teach other generations. what we have to do two and intolerance. i am proud of the city for so many reasons for it time and time again, i have gone to the u.s. conference of mayors and talk to them about our city being the innovation capital of
a conference call this afternoon with members of my department -- try to get some of the prcs's to us ahead of time. i feel that people have done a good job going to the prisons, getting those assessments, and getting people to show up. hopefully, they can get housing. now we are going to have them in the jail locally and will be able to address these issues and hopefully get them the housing, driver's license, the things they will need to be successful on the outside. i am excited about this. the other part of this, the people that come into us, prcs not eligible for the reentry pod, the 1170h's participating in our other plants. we have so many great programs that we offer. we do have the five keys to charter school. it is a great program. it was really not in effect when i was in the department. now that i am back, i am impressed with that. the road to recovery. we have a recovery program for veterans. we have a dual diagnoses program for psychologically low normal people as well. we have the women's resource center, survivors restoration. what i think is exciting in terms of community p
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